Chamisa disappoints: Vigil

LONDON - Zimbabweans in the diaspora were disappointed to hear the MDC’s Minister of Information Technology Nelson Chamisa applauding Mugabe’s ‘visionary’ leadership recently. The Herald quotes him as saying ‘The President has provided leadership from the cockpit and we are prepared to be the passengers . . .’ He went on to say that Mugabe’s ‘wisdom’ makes sure the plane does not crash.

Ephraim Tapa and Rose Benton talk to Vigil supporters.
Ephraim Tapa and Rose Benton talk to Vigil supporters.

Chamisa was presenting a new Apple Ipad to Mugabe at the launch of a national e-learning programme at Chogugudza Primary School in Goromonzi.

We at the Vigil had hoped to see some denial of this abject fawning from Chamisa – especially since he was singing a different tune when he visited the UK recently as part of an MDC delegation which urged the British government not to send home failed asylum seekers. Their appeal was made despite claiming that most would like to go home and not have to do ‘cleaning’ work in Britain. We think that if the MDC had more respect for cleaners Zimbabwe wouldn’t be in such a mess.

The death of Malawi’s President wa Mutharika should make Zimbabweans reflect on what is going to happen when Mugabe goes: no accepted successor and the likelihood of fierce infighting. It was sad to note that Mutharika’s body was immediately dispatched to South Africa because he had run down the economy to such an extent that the hospital had no refrigerator to preserve it long enough for an autopsy.

The Chairman of Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe, Ephraim Tapa, spoke at the Vigil about attempts to undermine the organization.

He said the Police had dropped the investigation into allegations of fraud against him after concluding they were without foundation. –

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