Civil Organisations Blast Sata

Civil organisations and ordinary Zimbabweans in Matabeleland have castigated Zambian leader, Michael Sata for openly showing support to Zanu (PF) during the official opening of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo last week.

Effie Ncube
Effie Ncube

Sata, who was the guest of honour at the 53rd edition of the international showcase shocked invited dignitaries when he raised his fist in Zanu (PF) style and started chanting "Pamberi neJongwe" (Forward with the cock).

Effie Ncube, the chairperson of the Matabeleland Constitutional Reform Agenda (MACRA) said Sata's behaviour clearly shows that some Sadc leaders are not suitable to be mediators of the country's political impasse which has resulted in the formation of the inclusive government.

"Sata has shown the world that he is a supporter of Zanu (PF) and cannot be fair and objective when dealing with the Zimbabwe crisis in his capacity as Sadc leader. Besides that, Sata should know the difference between a state function and a party function. The ZITF had nothing to do with Zanu (PF)" said Ncube.

Ncube said inclusive government partners who were present at the function were supposed to have walked out of the ZITF main arena, the venue of the ceremony soon after Sata's utterances.

"I expected representives of the two MDC formations and other invited guest with no links to Zanu (PF) to leave their seats and go away in protest of the political abuse by Sata. As a Sadc leader who is involved in solving our political problems here, Sata should have showed the spirit of inclusivity," said Ncube.

Some of the MDC 's officials who attended the ceremony included Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe, MDC-T national chairman and speaker of the House of Assembly, lovemore Moyo and the host minister, Welshman Ncube who is also the MDC president.

The Secretary of a local pressure group, Ibhetshulikazulu, Fuzayo Mbuso said Sata's political shenanigas at the ZITF were well planned and meant to create the impression that Sadc is fully behind President Robert Mugabe. Sata has previously accused Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai as a puppet of the West.

"I think the whole thing was planned by Mugabe so as to thwart reports of his waning support among Sadc leaders .Sata must have been fully briefed before coming to Bulawayo. Unfortunately that was a wrong platform and the plot is likely to backfire. The two MDC s will certainly raise this issue with the regional board," said Mbuso.

The Bulawayo spokesperson of the Welshman Ncube led MDC, Edwin Ndlovu said his party was shocked by Sata's blatant partisanship.

"We wish to tell Sata that Zimbabwe is not Zanu (PF). Zimbabwe is being run by three political parties and we are shocked that Sata as one of the Sadc leaders is not aware of this. That was an extreme abuse of Zimbabwe's hospitality," he said.

Earlier on, when disembarking from his charted plane at the Joshua Nkomo International Airport, Sata also greeted with a clenched fist scores of Zanu (PF) supporters who had been bussed from Umguza in 26 Zupco buses and haulage trucks belonging to Obert Mpofu, the Member of Parliament for the constituency.

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