Devolution will ensure equal share of resources

Devolution of power will ensure equal distribution of the national resources, Zapu vice-president Emilia Mukaratiwa has said.

In an interview with The Zimbabwean to mark the country’s 32nd independence anniversary, Mukaratiwa said it did not make sense that Harare was benefitting more from diamonds than Mutare, the provincial capital of Manicaland, where diamond mines were situated.

“Zimbabweans in their respective provinces should own their resources,” she said, dismissing fears of divisions.

She said there was need for genuine economic empowerment for black people so that they enjoy the fruits of independence.

“It defies logic that people have access to the First Street Mall when they cannot afford to buy anything in any of the shops. They can walk into any hotel in the country without being molested but cannot afford a drink let alone a bottle of water”.

“There is more to freedom and independence than having access to the formerly white only Salisbury Club now Harare Club where not many of the black majority can afford a drink,” said Mukaratirwa.

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