Diaspora to protest on Independence Day

LONDON - Zimbabweans in the diaspora will on Saturday mark the 32nd Independence anniversary with protests targeting South African Embassies all over the world. They will demand that SA President Jacob Zuma do his part to ensure that President Robert Mugabe implements the Global Political Agreement which was brokered by the SADC.

The 21st Free Zimbabwe Global Movement is demanding that SA President Jacob Zuma make a public statement that he, as the SADC Facilitator, is not going to allow the holding of elections in Zimbabwe which do not meet the SADC standards.

In the US all MDC-USA Districts will converge in Washington DC for a combined demonstration at the SA Embassy on Massachusetts Av which will be followed by a dinner fundraiser to commemorate Independence. MDC Organising Secretary, Nelson Chamisa is the guest of honour.

In London MDC Midlands South District is joining hands with the Vigil, which holds protests outside the Zimbabwean Embassy every Saturday, to lead a demonstration that culminate in presenting two petitions, one at the South African Embassy and another at the Downing Street office of Prime Minister David Cameron.

As Robert Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) is clearly not interested in holding free and fair elections, the demonstrators will demand that the United Nations supervise the electoral process and the handover of power to whoever would have been elected.

After the London demonstration MDC South East District will host the Independence celebrations while at the same time remembering all those who have died and those who are being persecuted by the Mugabe regime.

The MDC UK Youth Assembly will also be remembering the Youth President Solomon Madzore who is still in custody with no bail for over six months now, with the launch of the Free Madzore t-shirt, popular Chimurenga music and good food. – for info contact [email protected]

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