Former nurse becomes beauty sales queen

Political and economic chaos has forced an estimated four million people out of Zimbabwe in the past 12 years. Most of them live in poverty, doing menial work in foreign lands. But Florence Chaurura has built a successful career with Mary Kay cosmetics in the UK.

Chaurura addressing members of her church about their cosmetics.
Chaurura addressing members of her church about their cosmetics.

She won the Director Queen of Unit Sales in 2011, achieving sales worth over half a million USD in 12 months.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, she started selling farm produce at markets as a child. Having lost her father at the age of 10, she was raised by her mother whose industriousness and tenacity shaped her into who she is today. She trained as a nurse and worked in various hospitals before migrating to the UK in 1996. She worked as a nurse for five years.

“I am motivated by seeing people break the self-limiting belief barriers. I believe that I have become who I am because someone took time to show me the way. After nine years coaching and mentoring small business owners in the UK, I realised that a lot of people would do better if only someone could show them the way,” says Chaurura. She currently mentors and trains a team of nearly 200 women across the United Kingdom and she is also a renowned company trainer.

“I am passionate about personal growth .I do believe everyone has the capacity to evolve into a giant when given the conducive environment to grow. I will continue grooming future directors,” she added.

Chaurura is more than just a catalyst to superficial change, coaching individuals to find the link between self-confidence and professional success.

She has travelled the world helping people discover the best in themselves, and teaching them to use their emotions for personal development and success.She hopes to launch her brand of cosmetics soon.

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