High Court attempt to attach PM’s house fails

High Court Judge, Justice Patel yesterday ruled as null and void attempts by Chief Luscious Chitsinde Negomo of Chiweshe to attach President Tsvangirai’s property at his Harare residence.

In handing down the judgment today, Justice Patel confirmed an earlier ruling by a Mashonaland Central provincial magistrate who, in February dismissed Chief Negomo’s attempts to attach President Tsvangirai’s property.

Justice Samuel Kudya wrote the judgment before Justice Bharat Patel handed it down today.

Chief Negomo’s uncalled for actions have put the important role played by traditional leaders into disrepute after he allowed Zanu PF to use him in an attempt to tarnish President Tsvangirai’s image.

His actions have no doubt, left his subjects in Chiweshe communal lands and the people of Zimbabwe questioning his ability to act as a chief who should at all times be apolitical and be of sober behaviour.

The Chiweshe community is still in shock on why a chief last year chose to turn himself into his own messenger and attempted to “summon” President Tsvangirai to his “community court” in Chiweshe.

It is totally embarrassing in the African culture that a chief leaves major concerns in his jurisdiction, travels to a capital city, personally serves “summons” and threatens to attach a city dweller’s, let alone, a non resident member of the area’s assets.

The MDC totally agrees with Justice Patel’s ruling that the judgment by Chief Negomo at his community court was “null and void”.

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