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May the responsible authorities see to it that road lights are fixed in all urban towns? The state of roads is appalling. We need potholes fixed please, otherwise the purpose of paying tollgates is defeated. The road along GMB connecting to Kambuzuma needs resurfacing, not pit filling with dust. Surely you can do better than that. – Pauro, Kambuzuma.

What is it with Prime Minister Tsvangirai and women aligned to Zanu (PF)? He has a soft spot for them. First it was Locadia and now his new fiancé.

He must lead by example; we don’t want the King Mswati or President Zuma kind of leader here. Settle down at once PM. – Johannes Mbiriyakura, Bulawayo.

I was puzzled by reports by some foreign media who had reported that Mugabe is dead. It is media organisations like these that hinder press freedom in the world.

Media organisations should sit down and practice under some rules and conducts that will gain them respect as a paper that tells the truth. –Will Handira, Avondale.

I believe gays and lesbians are entitled to their human rights. But we don’t want a situation like in South Africa where some pretend to be gay just for money.

Though I don’t have a problem with them declaring the sexuality, they should not force anyone who is not interested. –Emily Roparashe, Gweru.

All journalists, including Robson Sharuko and others, should be punished because of the Asiagate scandal and that will send a strong message to all. How can a reporter sit on the technical bench and shout instructions? –Gilmore, Harare.

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