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We deserve truth

I am puzzled by people in the office of the president always trying to cover up and lie to the nation that the president is well when he is not. Is he not human? Our president is certainly not a robot and so he is prone to illness just like everyoneelse and as his subjects we deserve to know the truth of what is happening. You will leave the media to insane speculation that he is dead when he is not. – Y.M, Bulawayo.

Makoni will win

I think Simba Makoni’s Mavambo political party will win the next presidential elections if he chooses to contest. MDC is nolonger a strong unit people trust as the Prime Minister seems to have forgotten about the plight of the people who once rallied behind him. He is now eating from the same plate with the enemies of the people. –Traitor, Mutare.

Cops vs kombis

The Zimbabwe Republic Police will be shocked one day when the civilians rise against them if they do not think twice about stopping their men from smashing moving commuter omnibuses’ windscreen in a move to stop them. The other time three people including the driver had some glass particles all over them in a moving kombi; the driver almost lost control of the vehicle after he claimed some had entered his eyes. ZRP should find other ways to deal with operators who break the law, rather than this barbaric act. – Ras Peter, Borrowdale.

Give us PSL news

May we please have more sports coverage in our paper, we don’t want boring columns everytime. I will not mind the whole Zimbabwean with news from our local premier soccer league. Reading the paper you will think the league is yet to begin. You used to be good on covering our league, what happened to that? We are starved of our own Castle Lager Premier Soccer League down here and we rely on The Zimbabwean to quench our thirst for football news from our motherland. – Farai Hamandishe, Johannesburg.

Keep praying

I have heard The Zimbabwean is establishing offices in Harare and registering with the ZMC. That is great news to us. Let’s keep praying for the better. – John, Chivhu.

Shocking potholes

I am a Zimbabwean based in the UK and I was shocked with what I saw during the Easter holidays in my country. Potholes are an embarrassment to our once beautiful nation. I wonder if the responsible authorities still care about what has become of the roads. Driving in my own country was a pain, negotiating potholes nearly got me in an accident. Please may someone act. – Fred J, UK.

Battle rages

As the battle of who will succeed Mugabe rages within Zanu (PF) I just hope politicians will not kill one another all in the love for power. – T – One, Belevedere.

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