Lack of planning and delays cripple Zim’s Paralympic Games

Zimbabwe’s fifth National Paralympic Games were marred by delays as they started this week in Hwange, Matabeleland North, as officials struggled with embarrassing last minute arrangements.

There was also no opening ceremony before the first event due to the absence of one key official, Vice-President John Nkomo. Officials reportedly said Nkomo, as the guest of honour, cancelled his appearance because he had to attend a cabinet meeting that had been postponed Tuesday because Robert Mugabe was still out of the country.

The first event was delayed after officials realised that visually impaired athletes could not clearly see the track lines. There were even more glaring and embarrassing oversights, including delays to the triple jump event as officials actually drew the lines while athletes waited.

Most shocking perhaps was the delay to field events, which occurred because there were no tape measures. According to NewsDay newspaper, even the medical personnel did not appear able to cope.

Newsday said the Games’ CEO, Victor Rakabopa, had also confirmed that officials had agreed both the opening and closing ceremonies would be combined into one on the last day Friday, and the Vice President was due to attend. SW Radio Africa

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