Makadzange speaks on Juju

Former Zimbabwe Saints right back, Ben Makadzange, recently told The Zimbabwean that bizarre rituals were common place at PSL clubs during his playing days.

Juju was part of the game - Makadzange.
Juju was part of the game – Makadzange.

“The most common one was that of officials sending players’ uniforms to n’angas (traditional healers) for cleansing before they could be worn for a particular game.

We also used to change our uniforms outside official dressing rooms to avoid contracting bad spells cast by the opposition,” he said.

“Some clubs even went to the extent of cutting players with razor blades, for purposes of administering juju (kutema nyora). I remember one team in the then Super League, which entered stadiums by jumping the perimeter fence”.

“I don’t know if any of these things achieved the desired results because some of us did not have any option except to do what we were told.”

Makadzange first played competitive soccer in the 1970s, when he joined then Division One side, Manicaland United, managed by his now-late father, Fred. In 1975, he left to join Mashonaland United, later rebranded to Zimbabwe Saints.

He still remembered the hard-fought Bulawayo derby with Chikwata’s long-time rivals, Highlanders.

“Such games were always full of tension and at that time, Bosso were a powerhouse of local football, with highly motivated stars like Tymon Mabaleka, Barry Daka and Douglas Mloyi. The two teams exhibited a refined brand of dazzling soccer.”

Makadzange also played for Zimbabwe Colts, before he eventually quit the game due to work commitments in 1982.“I had joined the Zimbabwe National Railways as an Engineman and later lost my right arm in a train accident. Now that I am currently unoccupied I might consider coaching.”

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