Mbira, love and chocolate coming soon

Fans of music sensation Hope Masike will not have to wait any longer. The mbira diva has confirmed, after months of waiting, that her fresh album is being mastered and will be out ‘anytime soon’

“The album could have been out this week, but I have to be thorough because I want the final product to be a real pleasure to my fans,”said Masike. In the album titled Mbira, Love and Chocolate she has fused international and regional music genres into the mbira beat.

After spending most of last year teaching Zimbabwean traditional music in Norway, Masike had an opportunity to interact with musicians from various cultures in the world and had a chance to innovate ways of blending her mbira beat with other genres.

“This album is about unconventional fusions of the mbira beat with anything pretty much delicious. The love is there in between, because, well, what is life without it,” she said.

Another track Inyoni, encourages girls to work to the best of their abilities and not be discouraged by the gender disparities.“Do not wait for help, but be the help is my advice to girls,” she said.

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