Mugabe media frenzy a dis-service

EDITOR - Those who joined in the media feeding frenzy just before Easter (a meal served up to journalists free of charge) following a rumour that Robert Mugabe was fighting for his life during his latest visit to Singapore, should be ashamed of themselves. They have done Zimbabwean men, women and children a dis-service.

Mugabe is 88 and probably had a medical check-up in Singapore. Most dictators prefer medical advice from doctors who live outside their own countries. Grace was with him because there are lots of top-quality shops in Singapore.

The journalists who joined in the latest Rumour Fest failed to mutter a word of apology when he returned home -looking pretty good considering his age. Check what might happen next, as elections approach.

When acts of appalling violence are carried out by Mugabe’s thugs, and then when such acts are reported by the international media, all Jonathan Moyo and Webster Shamu and their spin doctor slaves need do is stand back with smiles on their faces in front of TV cameras and say something like – ‘You heard he was dying in Singapore and look what a lot of nonsense that turned out to be. So why believe the latest rumours by Westerners who aren’t even in Zimbabwe?’

The job of the CIO is to protect Mugabe: the job of his spin doctors is to promote his policies and make them look reasonable and humane: the job of journalists and editors is to understand the game, single out lies and liars, publicise what’s really happening and base their reports, not on rumour but on first-hand evidence.

As stated, those involved in the latest media feeding frenzy have done Zimbabweans great damage. The consequence of their eagerness for scoops and headlines will be felt by ordinary men, women and children later this year.

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