Senegal’s elections give hope

EDITOR - Events unfolding in Senegal have sent a clear message to the people of Zimbabwe and the MDC. People there believed that they had achieved democracy in 2000 when President Abdoulaye Wade came to power after democratic elections. Soon after coming into office Wade turned his back on the people and turned into a dictator.

In 1980, Zimbabwe went wild with joy when Zanu (PF) came into power, ending decades of white settler oppression. However, like other dictators, soon after tasting power Mugabe and Zanu (PF) turned their backs on the people. Serious corruption in the Zanu (PF) government set in, thousands of people were murdered and jailed for opposing this despotic regime.

In Senegal first presidential elections this year did not produce a clear winner, so the opposition forces joined hands to plot the defeat of a dictator. Every member of the opposition came out in full support of their candidate who romped to victory.

The people of Zimbabwe have been given a clear picture that the time for dictators has come and gone and these people now belong to the archives.It is not a secret that Zanu (PF) politicians are panicking after watching the events that unfolded in Senegal recently. They know that their days as an oppressive regime are over.

We can emulate what has happened in Senegal and do away with dictators. Like other African countries, we want peace, jobs, better health and education.This can only be achieved if we do away with Zanu (PF)’s thieving. – Trymore Mazhambe, Mutare

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