Statement by the MDC spokesperson , Hon D. Mwonzora on wide ranging issues – April 05 Harare

Good afternoon.

Douglas Mwonzora
Douglas Mwonzora

MDC continues fulfilling its promise of regularly meeting the media to update you on the developments affecting the nation and the party. This particular conference will tackle four major issues to do with violence, the pending elections, indigenisation and empowerment.


MDC has noticed with dismay an upsurge in cases of violence across the country. For example, cases of violence in the last month have been reported in Mbare, Sunningdale, Zaka and Sanyati. Losing Zanu pf candidate for Mbare constituency, Tendai Savanhu and his Chipangano mafia allegedly issued death threats to Hon Iain Kay "and the whites in Marondera". This is uncalled for and as MDC we say violence has no place in a civilised society. We urge the police to investigate all cases related to violence and human rights abuses in order to bring the culprits to book.


COPAC is only left with a few minor changes to the draft constitution. Hopefully, these will be finalised soon and a Second All Stakeholders Meeting held before the Referendum. MDC is ready for elections any time but will only participate in an election when all the conditions to a free and fair election are met. These conditions are spelt out in the Conditions for a Sustainable Election in Zimbabwe document launched by the Prime Minister in March 2012. These conditions are derived from internationally agreed principles on the conduct of democratic elections. They are enshrined in the Global Political Agreement to which all the three Parties are signatories.

Indigenisation and Empowerment

We do not subscribe to ZANU (PF)’s policy of Indegenisation as a way of creating employment. This is another utopian concept from ZANU (PF) as it is intended to benefit only a handful. People need to be empowered through the provision of basic services such as health, education, housing, information and jobs. Therefore, the Jobs and Investment Promotion programme is MDC’s alternative to Indigenisation. This is more sustainable and will benefit the jobless Zimbabweans and not just a minority.

The people’s struggle for real change: Let’s finish it!

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