Stop the Lowveld lawlessness

EDITOR – I would like to thank the JOMIC Masvingo Team for coming and assessing the situation on the ground concerning what is actually happening to some of the Wildlife areas in the Lowveld.

For the past 12 years some individuals have shown total disregard for the rule of law and have been allowed to get away with it.

In 2013 Zimbabwe is hosting a UN Tourism Conference in Vic Falls, and the current situation in the Conservancies and National Parks of Zimbabwe is already having a negative impact.

Sorry, I am quite cross today, there are people again, coming and helping themselves to our precious water. Not just a quick drink, that would be fine. But they cart it away in 20 litre containers. We have to pump it from the river. The same source as theirs. They live even closer to the river than we do!!

There are people cutting trees and scrub in my elephant paddocks, robbing the animals of valuable food for the winter. They also graze their cattle in the elephant paddocks.

There are new invasions at Oscro as well. Momentum is picking up, as the people see that no one is stopping them. The police are yet to react to anything, yes they might show their faces but they do not solve the problems. These problems are escalating in the whole lowveld. Our workers are constantly being threatened and intimidated.

Our fences are stolen, gates cut. Poaching is rife. But any poachers we apprehend get released.

If I stole something from someone, or damaged other peoples property, or intimidated someone, threatened someone, there would be a immediate reaction.

This is lawlessness and total disrespect for someone else’s property and livelihood.

Instead of looking after what they have taken in the last 12 years, the grass, the soil, the water, the wood, the meat, they have willfully destroyed it, and now want more.

Their leaders are encouraging them to destroy more, instead of being real leaders and finding a way forward for Zimbabwe – not just short term enrichment for themselves. – Theresa, Lowveld

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