Strong winds leave 32 families without homes

32 families from Gandanzara near Rusape in Manicaland province have been rendered homeless after their houses were destroyed by strong winds which swept through the area on Tuesday night.

Local MDC-T MP Pishai Muchauraya said the swirling winds, which were not accompanied by rain, hit the area at 2am and lasted around 20 minutes. They caused considerable damage although no injuries have been reported.

He said the victims have been accommodated by relatives and neighbours, adding that the homeless would need support to put up new structures. The MP, who is also the spokesman for MDC-T in Manicaland, visited the affected area on Friday.

‘The winds blew away completely the roofs of more than 30 houses and partially damaged the roofs of several others. Some trees were also uprooted by the winds, which some villagers say they have not witnessed in their life time,’ Muchauraya said.

Although the situation has returned to normal, the legislator said dozens of villagers were still without homes. Many are staying with family or friends. The MP pleaded with government authorities to assist families which have been rendered homeless, saying most of them were low income people who cannot raise the money to reconstruct their premises.

‘The most pressing need is for material to repair the houses that are lightly or moderately damaged. This was a natural disaster and we have the Civil Protection Unit that deals with such things. I will be approaching them for help,’ he said. SW Radio Africa

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