They know about violence

EDITOR - You cannot tell the world that Mugabe and the entire Zanu (PF) leadership do not know about the violence perpetrated by their people. Anyone with a brain working well can see that Chipangano and people like Savanhu are deployed by Zanu (PF).

Everyone knows that the party has a culture of being very quick to discipline if someone of their own crosses the line. This makes it clear that they have been deployed with an assurance of their impunity.

Just to attend a meeting can be a crime if you are not Zanu, but to maim or to murder anyone who does not subscribe to Zanu (PF) is not a crime. Evil triumphs over good only when good people do nothing. To me if you are quiet or doing nothing about it because of cowardice you are as good as those shouting hallelujah to Zanu (PF)’s autocracy.

Let’s unite guys and stop cowardliness and fight for our freedom or else (zvimwe tichangosiya zvakadaro). – Lovemore Chikandiwa, Pretoria

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