Zanu robbing parastatals

EDITOR - The recent salary hikes for Zesa’s top brass is an apparent example of how Zanu (PF) cronies are mismanaging our parastatals. Instead of being commercialised, they are being Zanunised, i.e. turned into Zanu (PF) companies. Those who are appointed to lead them are not appointed on merit but on political affiliation.

They give themselves hefty salaries and hefty perks at the expense of delivering good service to their customers. The recent salary hikes for Zesa bosses and cuts for ordinary workers is a classic example of how Zanu (PF) enriches its patrons at the expense of ordinary workers.

At GMB they buy maize at very low prices from rural farmers and make unbelievable profits by exporting to neighbouring countries. The same maize is re-imported back using their briefcase companies and sold to the GMB at exorbitant prices. The maize at GMB is also used as a useful campaign tool forZanu (PF) in times of drought.

What has happened with ZINWA? Do we get any cleaner water now or regular supply? The answer is No. All people get is untreated water because there are no chemicals.

What about Air Zimbabwe which is now failing to service its international routes? The chief culprit for abusing Air Zim is President Robert Mugabe who frequently diverts flights to service his personal journeys or medical holidays to Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Every citizen should stop paying their water and electricity bills until Mugabe and his inner circle have cleared theirs. Power cuts have got nothing to do with sanctions, Mugabe and his inner circle should just pay up their electricity bills and Zesa will be viable! – Frazer Muzondo,Milton Keynes

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