ZEC dismisses Zanu (PF) plans to increase rural constituencies

A Zimbabwe Electoral Commission official has thrown cold water on Zanu (PF) plans to increase the number of rural constituencies and reduce those allocated urban centres in a desperate bid to win the next elections.

Traditional leaders met recently at Dhirihori Business Centre to sub-divide Chief Svosve’s area into three separate zones presided over by three different chiefs. The three areas would then be delimitated into political constituencies.

The meeting was expected to be attended by Provincial Governor, Aenius Chigwedere, Provincial Administrator, Cuthbert Ndarukwa and District Administrator, James Chiwaru. The trio did not turn up as expected “for intelligent reasons”, said a headman who attended the meeting.

The ZEC official said other parties to the GPA would see through such a fraudulent attempt.

“The reportedly planned Svosve delimitation programme would not be possible as it would leave too few people under the chieftainship to complement a political constituency,” he said.

Parliament has 210 elected seats, while 10 non-elected seats are reserved for chiefs and 10 for governors.

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