Zim farmer dies after violent ‘robbery’ last year

An elderly Zimbabwean farmer has died as a result of injuries sustained during a violent attack in his Guruve home last year, which left him in fighting for his life in hospital.

Bobby Ervine, who was 77 when he was attacked last October, never recovered from the assault and passed away last weekend.

The motive for the attack remains unknown and although some arrests were made in the aftermath of the incident, there has been no finality to the case.

At the time it was reported that two men attacked Ervine on his property one night in late October, hitting him over the head with a garden hoe. He collapsed and while he was unconscious the two men tied up his wife Barbara and threatened her, demanding to know where there was money.

The men ransacked the house, breaking open all of the cupboards and drawers and eventually fled with US$40 in cash plus a small roll of uncounted US$1 bills. They also took two cell phones and clothing including shoes, T-shirts and a jacket.

Ervine’s wife was eventually able to untie herself and call for help. Bobby was taken to hospital and had remained in a very serious condition ever since.

Charles Taffs the President of the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) told SW Radio Africa that the death is “tragic” and “unnecessary”, saying it has “undermined the confidence of farmers in the area which is already very unsettled.”

The Guruve area was last year hit by a spate of house robberies targeting mainly white farming families. In one of the incidents, just a month before Ervine was attacked, farmer Colin Zietsman and his wife were also attacked in their home. Zietsman died on the property.

Taffs explained that the impunity seen in these attacks is a result of the land grab campaign, explaining that “people think they can act with impunity when they hide behind the tag of so called land reform.”

“It is almost 32 years after independence and still this is allowed to happen. The situation on farm remains completely unsettled and it needs to stop,” Taffs said. SW Radio Africa

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