Zimura to monitor music airplay

The Zimbabwe Music Rights Authority (Zimura)is sourcing $25 000 to buy a gadget that will be used to monitor songs played on local radio and television channels so that musicians are not short changed of their royalties.

Zimura head, Henry Makombe, said the gadget will have a capacity to monitor 12 radio stations and two television channels. This will solve complaints by musicians who say they receive fewer royalties than the airplay given to their music by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC)’s radio and television stations. The current system of ZBC logsheets was unreliable.

Music rights watchdog director Polisile Ncube said they were also planning to monitor radios and television channels and compare the results with those from ZBC’s logsheets for accuracy purposes.

Zimura has dragged the state broadcaster to court over outstanding royalties amounting to $600 000 – backdating to 2009. ZBC is said to have only paid

$65 000.

Meanwhile Zimura members are set to benefit from a programme to educate them about copyright. Zimura’s head of documentation and distribution, Roseline Chirume, said its 2000 members are set to benefit from workshops to be held country-wide. These will discuss intellectual property rights in general, financial management in the arts, the importance of arts and culture as well as HIV/Aids awareness among others.

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