ZRP has gone to the dogs

EDITOR - The recent gruesome events in Shamva have confirmed the people’s fears that our police can no longer be trusted.

The death at Ashley Mine of Luxmore Chivambo is a true picture of what many people go through at the hands of the police, which is now a rogue outfit.

The sad reality is that we now have political activists and criminals who wear police uniform and give us sleepless nights.

This was the reason why right thinking Zimbabweans last month called for the removal of Augustine Chihuri as the police chief. What happened in Shamva is a result of deep-rooted corruption in the force, coordinated from Chihuri’s Police General Headquarters.

Even kombi drivers and their conductors, notorious when it comes to road rules, have voiced their concerns about the police. Every highway is littered with police officers who stop every public vehicle and ask for a bribe in full view of passengers. Nothing is done to stop this, despite promises by senior police officers to get to the bottom of the matter.

Justice Martin Makonese when opening the Hwange circuit court said recently only the poor go to prison as the police bungle investigations involving the well connected.

Police brutality is prevalent because of Chihuri turning a blind eye because he is a major beneficiary of corruption. – Agrippa Zvomuya, Harare

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