Audit report slams Q E headmistress

A Queen Elizabeth High School headmistress is embroiled in controversy following an audit report that fingers her in various financial anomalies, chief among them approving the repair of two school vehicles by an unregistered company at a staggering $17 000.

The audit, which covers the periods 1 January 2009 to 16 July 2010 commenced in June 2010 and took place following recommendations by The Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture.

“The Head (Casia) Rayo and the School Development Committee Bursar Nyaundi contracted an unregistered company with no fixed abode to repair two school vehicles at a cost of $17 793,” reads part of the report.

“The head and the bursar released the two vehicles to AM Motors Spares and Hardware. The address indicated on the company’s invoice was non-existent.”

Among the irregularities was the purchase of tyres worth $600 and $890 for one vehicle on the same day, 4 June 2009. Tyres normally cost between $80 and $150 each.

In the two weeks between 10 March and 23 March 2009, repairs to their Mazda B25 cost a total of $7143 – enough to buy another good second hand truck of the same type.

The auditors recommended that the case be referred to the police for further investigations, but no investigations have taken place to date. The head and the bursar also purchased goods worth $15 000 without following proper procurement procedures.

“Of major concern were the curtains, bins and computers, which were purchased at a cost of $2905, $3930 and $8850 respectively,” reads the report.

“Further investigations into these transactions revealed that the SDC procured the bins and curtains from unregistered companies called Deco Unique and Uniflow. A visit to these companies revealed that the address given by Deco Unique was a bottle store,” noted the report.

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