Be proud of your identity: Kekana

South African musical icon and lawyer, Steve Kekana, has urged African youths in the music industry to produce music that reflects the true African spirit rather than adopt foreign genres. In an interview with The Zimbabwean, Kekana said it was important for upcoming musicians to paint the beauty of Africa through music.

Steve Kekana
Steve Kekana

“I encourage youths to compose songs that bear the true African feeling. They should seek inspiration from home rather than the exotic spirits they are falling for,” he said. South Africa’s version of Stevie Wonder, Kekana expressed his deep seated appreciation for the great sounds produced by African musicians, which upcoming artists should emulate.

“African music has been growing and is still growing. We have a great chance to prove ourselves in the world. Look at James Chimombe (Zimbabwe), uSONTO (South Africa), Ismael Lo (Senegal), Sam Chege (Tanzania) to mention just a few. These are very talented musicians who laid a wonderful foundation for African music,” said Kekana.

The musician, who has more than 20 albums to his name, made a surprise appearance at HIFA 2012 when he sung in Harare’s First Street. He swayed the emotions of the audience when he sang the song Cecilia by music legend James Chimombe (whom he adored very much) in both English and Shona.

“I love Zimbabwe; most of my stories are inspired by my wonderful brothers and sisters from here. I would love to come more often, but this is not possible due to serious commitments back home. I am currently studying for a third degree, I have my legal career and sit in various arts boards,” he said.

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