Bright hope for the future

“I love my country and left with a heavy heart in 2009,” Mathias Makusha told The Zimbabwean recently.

Mathias Makusha: I will return to build new Zim.
Mathias Makusha: I will return to build new Zim.

“I tried to stick it out and fought to restore my homeland to its lost glory, but nothing I tried seemed to be working then, as it all came to naught and took a heavy toll on me and my family.”

But the choice to leave has proven to be a good one for the Kadoma-born man as it has propelled him into being one of Zimbabwe’s hopes for the future.

At the age of 30, he is a fast rising migrant entrepreneur – turning refuse into instant cash and laying the foundation for a business that he wants to one day take home. He runs a refuse collection and removals business.

“We have clients all over South Africa and are growing by the day. There is stiff competition, but with the volumes of work that keeps coming and the top service we offer our clients, only the sky can be the limit for us.”

Having briefly struggled to adjust and find employment, Makusha worked for a construction company in the eastern province of Mpumalanga. Low salaries in the industry forced him out of employment in July 2011, but not before he had saved enough to start his own business.

“After hearing people complain that the authorities were failing to meet demand for refuse collection, I decided to hire trucks for that purpose and the business immediately proved to be a fruitful venture,” he said.

“I got many contracts that I initially failed to cope with, but that only meant that business was good and the more contracts I got, the more trucks I hired and in no time, I had bought my first truck.”

With the business still growing, it took him one year to buy his second truck and hire several others. He also runs a removals company.

“I will remain a Zimbabwean and despite the current situation back home, I am definitely going back there some day, to start the same business. I know that local councils are failing to meet the same demand and that will open up business for me,” he said confidently.

Before his final return, he wishes for a solution to the factors that pushed him out in the first place.

“My desire is to see my country regain its old status as the bread basket of Africa. I also call upon fellow Diasporas not to keep slaving in jobs that will not take them anywhere, but to try their hand in business. The starting point is to listen to what affects most of the ordinary people and then implement something that will plug that gap,” he added.

For someone who used to walked 10 km to the nearest school, finally finding a niche market and establishing a successful business in a foreign land is a great achievement.

“I will stay long enough in this business to fully establish myself, before I start implementing the same at home. My other plan is to start a transport company and I am already working out the finer factors of that.

“Daily, I pray for Zimbabwe’s economic revival because I really miss my family, which still lives there and would like to reunite with them, not just visit for a few days.”

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