Burley tobacco season opened

The burley tobacco marketing season opened yesterday with only eight bales having been delivered at Boka Tobacco Auction Floors for sale.

The highest price for the first sell was $3,00 while the lowest was pegged at $1,20. Last year, burley tobacco farmers held on to their crop for two months as no buyer was forthcoming to buy the crop.

Resports says internal squabbles that have hit the Air Cured Tobacco Association(ACTA), an organisation that represents burley tobacco farmers has led to the poor start of the crop’s marketing season with only eight bales having been delivered on the first day of sale at the Boka Tobacco Auction Floors.

The divisions among the ACTA members have led to poor communication with burley growers as only a few managed to deliver their crop for sell on the opening day.

Tobacco farmers have called on the government to decentralize tobacco auction floors in order to combat transport difficulties.

Zimbabwe Farmers Union Director, Paul Zakariya, said the decentralization of auction floors would minimize the costs and improve the quality of the crop.

“Tobacco loses value if not transported properly and this will have a negative impact on the farmers because the price of the crop will be affected. Right now, farmers from across the country converge at auction floors in Harare and in some cases they spend more than a month sleeping out in the open,” said Zakariya.

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