Chief threatens villagers as election euphoria increases

Chiefs, war veterans and Zanu PF supporters continue to turn a deaf ear on President Mugabe’s call to shun violence as they continue to terrorize MDC-T activists in Zaka East constituency ahead of elections which Zanu Pf has vowed should be held this year with or without a new constitution.

Zaka, a stronghold of Zanu PF has been rocked with political violence since 2008 with at least 11 MDC supporters murdered in cold blood by the war veterans and militia.

Chief Nhema, a Zanu PF functionary is said to have ordered all the sub chiefs and village headmen to instill fear in the people so that they vote for Zanu PF. The villagers have been threatened with evictions from the area, abductions, and death in the event they are found to be MDC supporters.

“We have been given direct orders by Chief Nhema to threaten people with eviction if they do not support Zanu PF,” said a sub chief who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation.

He added, “The chief is also working with the Zanu PF executive members, Manyatera Venenzia, Festion Chinyanga and Jonathan Mafunga, all from Chemhazha ward 21, in threatening us. We no longer feel safe to conduct our day to day duties because we are afraid to be labeled MDC supporters.”

Chief Nhema is also accused of denying MDC supporters food aid from the grain loan scheme. The loan scheme which is a government initiative is meant benefit everyone regardless of political affiliation.

Speaking over the weekend at a memorial service of an MDC activist, Martin Hanyani who died in November last year, MDC-T District Treasurer and aspiring candidate for Zaka East constituency, James Gumbi advised youths to refrain from violence and encouraged them to register to vote in the next general elections.

“That election is for us the youths, it is our job to change the country, Slogans without voting is a waste of time.

“We don’t want violence; we are a peace loving people and our party is non violent party.”

Gumbi said the memorial service of Hanyani, who was brutally assaulted by Zanu PF activists in 2008 and died of internal injuries, was a clear message that MDC-T respects and honour the young people who fought for the democratization of this country.

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