Copac scheduled to meet on Monday

The Constitution Select Committee is scheduled to meet on Monday to discuss the recommendations by the country's three political parties on the first draft of the constitution.

 Paul Mangwana
Paul Mangwana

The full select committee meeting is expected to discuss on a number of outstanding issues to map the way forward so that a second draft can be crafted.

Zanu PF Copac Co-chairperson Paul Mangwana said the process had taken longer than expected to be completed because the political parties said they had ti endorse it first.

"The draft has taken longer than expected to be complete because political parties expect a document that satisfies them all, hence the negotiations that keep on taking placem" he said “The reason why there have been so many delays is because this is an inclusive process and the political parties claim they need a document that satisfies them,” said Cde Mangwana.

The whole constitution-making process which began in 2009 has been marred in controversy as some claim that the document is a regime change agenda tool and seeks to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle.

However, Zimbabweans now doubt whether the country is going to have a people-driven constitution considering the confusion that continues to rock the whole process.

Although Zimbabweans have lost confidence in Copac which was mandated to deliver a new constitution, the team maintains that they have managed to play their part.

However, political parties have been causing unnecessary delays through various consultations.

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