Global news roundup

Aid slashed

The Unites States has cut aid to Pakistan after it jailed a doctor who helped in the operation to kill terror leader Osama bin Laden. Shakil Afridi was jailed for 33 years for treason. US aid will be cut $1 million for each year of the sentence.

UK sinks

Britain’s recession is worse than first thought. Fresh economic data shows the economy sank 0.3 percent in the first quarter of 2012. It was initially thought to be 0.2 percent. Prime Minister David Cameron said Europe’s economic woes made it hard to grow.

Egypt votes

More than 25 million Egyptians have voted in the country’s freest and fairest poll. Ballots were cast to elect a new president over Wednesday and Thursday. Candidates to receive the most votes will contest a run-off election in mid-June.

Heading abroad

Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi will this week leave the country for the first time in more than 20 years. The dissident turned opposition politician will visit an economic forum in Thailand before heading to Europe for meetings.

Eurovision crackdown

Political crackdowns have marred the staging of the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan. Protests timed to coincide with the international event have been shut down and dissidents silenced by police in the authoritative state.

Murder confession

A man has admitted to the decades-old murder of a boy in New York. Etan Patz, 6, was walking to school when he was abducted. He was never located. Pedro Hernandez, 51, this week confessed to suffocating Patz and dumping him in an alley.

Counterfeit crackdown

Security forces in Mexico have launched raids on a workshop making fake military gear including uniforms and amour. They were used by drug cartels in kidnapping operations. Hitmen arrested by authorities in recent months have been in Navy attire.

Government blamed

A United Nations commissioned report has blamed the Syrian army and security forces for serious human rights abuses. It found the army used systematic violence. The report said opposition forces had also tortured captured soldiers.

Quebec arrests

Almost 700 people have been arrested in two Canadian cities over a proposal to increase university fees. Police used new powers to detain the demonstrators in Quebec City and Montreal. The demonstration followed a peaceful march.

PNG tussle

Leadership tensions have again spilled over in Papua New Guinea. The legitimate prime minster has been debated for months. On Thursday, the deputy PM and police stormed the Supreme Court and tried to arrest the Chief Justice for sedition.

Border deaths

Clashes over land rights in West Africa have resulted in the death of 25 people. The dispute is over pastoral land cattle use. There was an agreement ethnic farmers from Burkina Faso could go through territory at the Mali border but farmers on the land are angered by damage caused.

Dolphin massacre

Hundreds of dolphins that washed ashore in Peru died of natural causes, officials say. The reason for the mass-beaching is unclear. Authorities have ruled out human involvement in the deaths and a virus. It has been blamed on “natural selection.”

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