Good police officers cannot survive

EDITOR - I need to highlight the alignment of ZRP to Zanu (PF). In 2007 I was a constable working in the charge office, when a sergeant who worked in another department came in with Johnson Mawere who was Mayor of either Kwekwe or Redcliff. He had shoplifted two pens from Kingstons and the security guard followed him until he put them in his pocket.

The guard informed the manager and they dragged Mawere to the office and they saw the pens in his office. So the sergeant was passing by and the crowd stopped his Santana vehicle.

He went into the shop and advised Mawere to get in the police car. Mawere initially refused but later got in when the sergeant told him that he was embarrassing himself. The sergeant stood his ground despite the Mayor’s protests of “do you know who I am”. He brought him to the station and sat him on the accused bench.

The sergeant advised me to enter the name Johnson Mawere and the charge was shoplifting. Later that day the name Johnson Mawere was altered to Johnson Mawaro and the mayor was let free. The sergeant was transferred to Gokwe as punishment for arresting a chef.

So in the ZRP it’s difficult to do a proper job. This truly happened and it pained most of the junior ranks because that sergeant did his job well. I hope you will highlight some of the bad deeds by Zanu (PF). – Former Cop

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