Government too lenient with music pirates

Renowned gospel singer, Elmar Ndlovu, has castigated the Zimbabwean Government for being too lenient with music pirates.

Elmar Ndlovu
Elmar Ndlovu

“We have been witnessing a bad situation whereby government deploys police officers to arrest the pirates but they end up also buying pirated materials. Instead of them fighting and arresting these opportunists they promote their evil operations,” he said.

Zimbabwean laws are considered too lenient on the pirates, who, despite outcries from artists, seem to be growing in numbers and hardly get arrested. Vendors of the pirated productions have also become notorious for selling pornographic material even to children, especially in the south-western suburbs.

Ndlovu added that piracy was forcing many artists to sell their albums for mere peanuts.

“This piracy is a monster which needs to be killed now. Artists are forced to sell their DVDs and CDs at a lower prices than they would actually fetch as we try beat this growing scourge,” he said.

Ndlovu rose to fame through his high selling albums ‘Uthuli othulwini’ and ‘Bakhala kuNowa’ which are still sitting high on the charts.

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