Hilarious ZBC spoof now filming

This week Magamba Cultural Activist Network will be filming the pilot season of the highly anticipated news comedy sketch "Zambezi News" that will be distributed regionally, from satellite television channels and also available locally on DVD. See link provided below.

Zambezi News is the breakthrough new comedy series that has had audiences in Zimbabwe and abroad in stitches since its launch in late 2011. Irreverent, sarcastic and downright hilarious this is the news as never seen before.

Created by two of the country’s pioneering creative minds, Comrade Fatso and Outspoken, Zambezi News

parodies the relentless propaganda and astounding journalistic ineptitude on state TV through its comical news presenters. The presenters humorously delve into a plethora of issues such as democracy, elections, race, land reform, corruption, sexism, gender issues, arts and sport – generally all aspects of life in Africa including all its contradictions and ironies.

Magamba is now producing the pilot season of Zambezi News which will be launched in Zimbabwe and internationally in July 2012.

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