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The president’s health issue should not be a secret. Why should the nation be kept in the dark regarding our leader’s health? When Nelson Mandela was admitted into hospital it was all over South African media and the nation helped in praying for him. The problem is that in this country everyone is now regarded as his enemy, we need to know because he is our leader. –Emmanuel Rinofa, Kwekwe.

By settling down for one woman, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai did a good thing. Prominent figures must set good examples of what people should do especially to the next generation. We do not want a leader like Zuma or King Mswati who cannot be satisfied by women. –Shephered T, Harare.

Can we have a transparent constitution making process? We want the document circulated to everyone so that when people vote in a plebiscite they know exactly what they are saying. The situation should be different from the last referendum when most youths were deceived to believe that they were just saying No to Mugabe as president. –WenselyTavengwa, Bulawayo.

As it seems, at least two people in every Zimbabwean family are in the Diaspora. Most of them are professio- nals the Zimbabwean industry is missing. I plead with Zimbabweans to come and rebuild our country so that we can see Zimbabwe shine again. – Robson K, Johannesburg.

Standards at The Miss Zimbabwe pageant have gone down. Is Zimbabwe really running out of beautiful women such as Brita Maselethulini and Angeline Musasiwa?

The contestants at last week’s event did not really represent the beautiful and intelligent women we have in Zimbabwe. It should be about the beauty and the brains and it is not what we saw at the annual event last week.

May the organisers see to it that the next event reflect the true women of Zim. – James Tsoka, Harare.

We do not want any political violence in the next presidential elections. A free and fair election is all that we are asking for and for sure President Mugabe can admit that it is not too much for his subjects to ask.

My wish is that the international community pay special attention to Zimbabwe at that time so that human rights abuses do not become the order of the day with perpetrators running free. – T.T, Borrowdale.

May you please extend your distribution to the rural parts of the country. I know my ambuya will benefit a lot from your Shona translation of news.

It is good that you are having that Shona page of English news translated but you are giving the version to the wrong market. I would suggest you have an edition that is completely translated to Shona and Ndebele and have it distributed to the rural parts of the country, so that our parents get to know about the Zimbabwe of today.

Most of them hang on to voting for Zanu (PF) in the end because it is all they have ever known and trusted. They live with the Zanu (PF) of 1980 that every- one loved and cherished. We are past those days and it is only The Zimbabwean that can tell them in the words they can understand. – Yolanda, Johannesburg.

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