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The Zimbabwean went out to find out what people think about the statements made by Vice President Joice Mujuru at the memorial service of her husband and former Commander of the Army, General Solomon Mujuru. The VP underscored the fact that she took her husband’s intransigencies in her stride for the sake of her family.

Petina Gappah (novelist and women’s rights activist) So, Zimbabwe, these are our choices: we either have as president a man who seems convinced that the unfortunate death of his wife is a license to sleep with any woman in sight, or a woman who tells other women, in the face of AIDS and violence against women to stay with your drunken, unloving, cheating, violent husbands. What has Zimbabwe done to deserve such poor leadership?

Chiedza Mafunga (company administrator) It’s complicated. What she said shows that she is not moving with the times. Sorry to say, it was possible long ago where there were no sexually transmitted diseases and women were just not liberated. Back then, women could live a lie – most of us can’t now. Women can’t handle the stress that comes with promiscuous husbands anymore because they have a hectic life and have better things to do.

Patience Tapera (teacher) Well, it is all about the choices we make as individuals. If Mai Mujuru decided to live with her husband in a situation she knew he was not faithful, it was her choice. But personally, in this day and age, I would not make such a decision. There are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases and it is one thing fighting for my marriage when there are people trying to separate us in other ways and when a man is not faithful to his wife. I would walk out.

Sandra Rwodzi (vendor) Everyone knows that Joyce Mujuru was not living together with Solomon at the time of his death. I respect Mai Mujuru as a woman and her advice was very good – but not for 2012. Before Independence in an HIV/AIDS free generation that was a thing to do for women, but not today. It is a bad encouragement to men that women of Zimbabwe will wait for them even when they sleep around.

Kholiwe (polytechnic student) Who knows if Mai Mujuru was telling the truth? She is a public figure and she cannot be heard to admit that she retaliated. Maybe she has her own type of independence that she thinks is not proper to tell people. I find it difficult to believe that a woman who went to war and champions other women’s rights can be so submissive. But maybe it’s not so surprising because I hear that she once called for miniskirts to be banned.


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