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Thank you for remaining steadfast in giving us great news about our beloved Zimbabwe. I will continue to give my support to The Zimbabwean and the team that brings this paper. - Noel, Harare.

Concerning your story in last week’s paper about the agony of crossing the border via Beitbridge, I have personally encountered problems. It took me 10 hours to cross into Zimbabwe with my private vehicle. There were unnecessary delays to process papers by the border authorities but the problem lies, not with the junior officers at the border, but with the senior management.

The officers manning the border appear dedicated but it seems there is a serious manpower shortage that needs to be attended to as a matter of urgency. – Anonymous,Harare.

I feel the donation of vehicles to Jomic is a misplaced priority. I do not see how that will help the implementation of the GNU. More resources should go to community based approaches so that the people are empowered to demand the full implementation of the GNU. For three years, ordinary people have been watching helplessly as the political parties in the GNU bend the GPA to suit their own selfish ends. It is time for communities to have the voice to force the implementation of the GNU. – True Zimbo.

I was shocked to hear people who claim to be church leaders being used to insult fellow church leaders. TB Joshua is a church leader and if we are to follow the bible as it is, no Christian should stop another Christian from carrying out his/ her duties. Let TB come to Zimbabwe and do his work. – Timothy.

Those pastors who said Pastor TB Joshua is judgemental were also being judgemental. Only God will be the judge, let us just wait and see. – Anonymous.

Is The Zimbabwean available on Whatsapp and Facebook?

Response: Yes we are on both facebook and whatsapp. Now available on the new number +263 736 999 005.

Is it typical of us Zimbos to do one thing for a very long time? The Constitution must come out so that we make some progress. Who wants to concentrate on one thing for such a long time? We have other things to do like electing a new people centred government. – Maitiro.

MDC has no capacity to stop the people’s revolutionary party. Baba Chatunga is the man, he has the experience and the charisma. – Icho-o

The last time I heard about Progress Chipfumo, he was not feeling well and there was no follow up news on his recovery. Is he well now? When is he going to release the new album that he promised in January? Has he been holding shows as he used to before? Help me know this. – Jack Daniels.

Thank you for a helpful feedback column. I want to air the problems we face here in Mt Darwin. Zanu (PF) supporters are always telling the people that there will be a repeat of the 2008 violence and they keep telling us tales of how they killed people in the past elections. People live in fear here and it seems there is no one to hear us or save us from this situation. – Anonymous

School structures responsible for selection of BEAM students are rotten to the core. There is aggressive jockeying and lobbying way before the school and community elect and appoint office bearers. Councillors are ex- officio members of school committees.

If s/he is of the former ruling party’ s/he bull-dozes the selection team. The national political power struggles are at play in schools such that OVC are left in the cold. Beam has become partisan just like the farming input scheme.

Parallel structures are established behind the scenes to delete deserving learners and whip education officials into line. Indeed, that is epidemic corruption with no human face. – M. Muda, Kadoma.

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