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Corruption will continue to thrive as long as our government does not properly and publicly account for the use of public funds. Ordinary people would feel it is better to give money to a low level underpaid official and get a favour than to give money to a government that continues to invest in more and more luxury cars and trips instead of medicines and school textbooks.

ZESA, indeed, continues to perfect the art of inefficiency. Since it is clear that Zesa does not follow its published load shedding schedule, could you please do a survey in the ghettos and suburban areas- especially those areas where our ministers and government officials live. – Simon K

All those who grabbed land should come out and state how they have improved agricultural production in the country, and stop giving the obvious silly excuse of sanctions.

Rest in Peace Given Flint Matapure, those who killed you and all those who kill children deserve the worst punishment because a child is an innocent person who deserves protection from everyone in the community.

MDC must not forget its Diaspora support and should strongly advocate for all us outside the country to be able to vote.

So we do not have qualified people to represent us at these climate change meetings? What do you expect when a leader attends Copenhagen (a few years back) under the impression that he was there to save a “climate in danger”? First we need to note that the climate changes every 10 million yrs, so let’s do our simple maths! Another thing is why are the Chinese keeping on constructing on our wetlands? Is it to enable the channelling of the evil njuzu spirit?

Service and business providers advertise in The Zimbabwean as most people in Diaspora will get your messages via this paper. Editor, can you please add more pages on investment and business opportunities in Zimbabwe. – John Sibenge, South Africa.

Zimbabwe should think again about parliamentary democracy. These MPs are the most undemocratic people because they only come to us for the votes and never bother about our welfare. – Tatenda Chimhanga, Harare

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