King of Marabi to publish Shona novels

Renowned King of Marabi music, Kireni Zulu, will this month publish two Shona novels, Chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa and Miromo yevakuru. Zulu says he is seeking to address societal ills through literature. While his music teaches and corrects society on daily injustices, he is concerned because it only reaches a limited audience.

“Through live shows and songs played on the various radio stations, I am able to convey educative and entertaining messages to the public. However, the audience that benefits is mostly adult, while school children are sidelined,” he said.

The Marabi maestro said literature was the best way to reach school children and teach them good values.“I have been working on the books since last year,” said Zulu.

In the book titled Chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa, children are taught the importance of prioritising their education while teachers are cautioned to act professionally in their daily conduct with children.

He said parents are also taught how to handle their children and urged not to leave them entirely in the hands of teachers and the media.

“Parents are also taught that children need their guidance in order to excel in life. The book is rich in addressing all these issues in a manner that is both hilarious and entertaining,” he said. His other title, Miromo yevakuru, is centred on a school pupil who ends up in trouble for failing to heed elders’ advise.

“It portrays women being robbed in broad daylight in a way that reflects how society has decayed,” he said. Zulu said the books had been inspired by his music and he hoped they would be used as Shona set books as they have been approved by College Press.

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