Layoffs leave council struggling to provide services

The recent layoff of contract workers, mainly those aligned to the MDC, has left remaining workers struggling to provide satisfactory service delivery.

Bushes at Central Business Centre.
Bushes at Central Business Centre.

The layoffs started three months ago. To date 78 former contract workers have been thrown onto the streets.

“Various heads of departments have indicated that their sections are no longer performing as expected – despite the layoffs having helped council cut down on its wages bill,” said Mayor Farai Nyandoro, who promised to investigate further. Health, security, parks and works were the most affected. Tall grass and overgrown bushes now crowd the Central Business Centre.

Residents have called on council to strike a balance between layoffs and satisfactory service delivery.

“Though we appreciate that council was overstaffed, there was need for the layoffs to be carried out rationally. The ratepayer should not be short-changed through shoddy service delivery as council tries to cut expenses,” said Peter Moya.

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