Mayor threatens to drag ZESA before Parliament

Mayor Farai Nyandoro has threatened to report the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, ZESA, to responsible Ministers for further action in Parliament, following what he described as reluctance by the power utility to provide three dedicated power lines.

Farai Nyandoro
Farai Nyandoro

The application was made three months ago in an attempt to avoid the town going for days without water due to haphazard power outages. “I do not want to think that politics is at play here. If need be, council would take up the issue with the Minister of Energy”.

“Without constant and adequate power supplies, the water works would not have the capacity to pump and purify enough water for consumers. Several towns have been provided with dedicated power supplies by ZESA and this resulted in minimum water shortages,” Nyandoro reportedly told ZESA officials.

Marondera has virtually run dry as a result of power outages. Residents have resorted to drawing water from unsafe wells and protected boreholes sunk by UNICEF.

High altitude residential suburbs, such as part of Rusike, have gone for more than three years without water supplies.Nyandoro said council would soon invite stakeholders for a question and answer session with service providers, to help residents appreciate challenges faced by the local authority.

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