Mnungwana set for second album

South African-based Zimbabwean gospel singer, Kholiwe Mnungwana, is working on a new album that he hopes will bring better fortunes to his fledgling music career.

Kholiwe Mnungwana
Kholiwe Mnungwana

This follows the release of his failed debut album entitled ‘Makholwa Asambeni’, whose sales were disappointing.

“My album never made it far and I am working on something new. With the experience I have earned now, I am destined for greater heights. I have mingled with experienced great artists who showed me the way,” Mnungwana said.

Set to be released in a month’s time in Johannesburg, Mnungwana says he is moving away from merely translating bible verses into songs or just recording sing along choruses and then claiming rights. The compilation is made up of new lyrics and accompanied by a heavy beat that can be mistaken for that of South Africa’s gospel music gurus, Lundi Tyamara and Rebecca Malope.

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