Mokoomba tours Europe

Crack Zimbabwean Afro-fusion band, Mokoomba will tomorrow embark on a two-month European summer tour. Visiting at least five countries in what is expected to be a roller coaster ride, the Tonga band is expected to entertain audiences from Holland to Hungary.

Mokoomba live on stage.
Mokoomba live on stage.

Famed for its electrifying blend of Afro-fusion and tantalizing traditional Tonga rhythms, Mokoomba is a six-member group known for its exuberant youthful energy, bursting with natural talent and contagious rhythm.

Despite coming from one of Zimbabwe’s smallest rural villages and singing in a language foreign to even their own countrymen, Mokoomba have never been deterred from their dream of making music. Their new CD, Rising Tide, has been described as a splendid document, while their music is strong, modern, rooted in Africa and spiked with the spice of Latin, soukous, reggae, palm wine and other influences, according to international music experts. “The production too is superb.

Manou Gallo becomes one of that rare breed in music, a woman who produces an album for a man or an all male group. Mokoomba are from Zimbabwe,” said Akena Hammagaadji of the USA’s First World Music.

“The lead singer’s voice is a strong instrument, masculine, with a hint of a rasp. He doesn’t decorate his melody lines with lots of noticeable technique but no one listening can doubt his capacity to deliver exciting, rousing vocals…… All in all, I’m very excited for the prospects for this group and I hope they go far.”

Formed in 2001, the group entered their first Music Crossroads Local Festival in August 2007 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and went on to blow audiences away at the National Festival held in Harare. The road to fame started in August 2008, when they won the Music Crossroads Inter-Regional Festival in Lilongwe.

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