Mozambique-Zimbabwe joint commission calls for lifting of sanctions

The Mozambique-Zimbabwe Permanent Joint Commission for Defence and Security on Thursday in Maputo reiterated its call for the lifting of targeted measures imposed on Zanu (pf) leaders by Western countries.

Senior members of Robert Mugabe’s ruling party, ZANU-PF, are targeted by sanctions imposed by Western countries for alleged violations of human rights in Zimbabwe.

The criticism of these measures, which is in line with the position of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), was announced at the end of the meeting which opened on Tuesday.

In its final communiqué the Commission categorically demanded the immediate and unconditional lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Speaking during the closing ceremony, Mozambican Defence Minister Filipe Nyusi said that lifting the measures is crucial for the maintenance of peace and stability in the region.

Nyusi expressed the commitment of both countries to contribute to the restoration of political and social stability in Madagascar, Mali and Guinea-Bissau.

The Minister also welcomed the peaceful political transition in Zambia and Malawi, and expressed his gratitude to the countries that contributed to the maintenance of political stability and economic and social development in both countries.

Regarding the Joint Commission, the Minister said that it was held in a cordial atmosphere of friendship, openness and frankness. It carried out a review of the current state of bilateral cooperation on defence and security, and information was exchanged on the political, economic and social situation in both countries and the region as a whole.

“The resolutions we have adopted show the clear and unequivocal commitment of our countries to continue with the efforts that have been undertaken to make our countries safer and more attractive for investment, which will contribute to accelerating economic and social development”, he said.

According to Nyusi, the two countries have increased the exchange of information to strengthen the fight against crime, and to facilitate the movement of people and goods along the common border.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Harare in 2013.

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