Ndebele rejuvenates Ndolwane

Despite media reports of a split last year, Charles Ndebele has managed to rejuvenate celebrated rhumba outfit, Ndolwane Super Sounds despite losing influential founding group member, Abson Ndebele, in an accident five years ago.

Ndolwane members dancing it out.
Ndolwane members dancing it out.

The Zimbabwean caught up with Charles Ndebele as he was preparing for his shows set to begin in two weeks’ time across the country.

“We have been facing difficulties since Abson passed on, but to honour him, I will surely make sure that the group remains intact. His role is greatly missed but such is life, we have to move on. Regarding the differences we had with other group members, we decided that whoever wants to do his solo project is allowed but Ndolwane will continue with its great work,” he said.

He quashed media reports that indicated that the group split after releasing a 14th track album entitled ‘Azibuy’ emasisweni’, which is still enjoying good airplay in the Sadc region.

Defying the odds in the dog-eat-dog entertainment industry, the group has had hit after hit since their debut recording, Ndoyana.

The album ‘Hluphile’ got the most airplay but was banned in Zimbabwe after it was perceived to be ‘too political’.

A reproduction of their pivotal ‘Africa’ released in 1997 was used in South African Broadcasting Corporation programmes to unite the continent ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup that South Africa hosted.

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