New cash delivery scheme

The Cash Learning Partnership has created a database of all cash delivery service providers in Zimbabwe with expertise relevant to the delivery of cash transfers within humanitarian programmes.

Some cash delivery service providers include Moneygram, EcoCash from Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Holdings Limited, and the Usaid system.

A spokesperson for the new service said the focus of the database was financial service institutions and technology-based money transfer agencies operating in the country.

He said the database was necessitated by a significant increase in the use of cash transfers within policies and programmes providing humanitarian aid in the country.

“It is intended that the completed database will be made available to all organisations involved in designing and implementing humanitarian cash transfer programmes in Zimbabwe,” he said. “This is very relevant to the donor community.”

The move comes as the nation faces a cash crisis reminiscent of the shortages that occurred during the hyperinflationary period of 2006-2008.

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