Residents clash with council over stands

Harare residents are fighting with the city council, which allocated residential stands in Budiriro, on an area meant to build two schools.

Town planner, Martin Gandiwa, said the space had been created following the decision by the Education Ministry to reduce the size of the area to be occupied by the primary and secondary schools when built.

Oliver Ziso, a resident, maintained that City of Harare failed to advertise the change of plans as required by the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act. He challenged the council to produce evidence that residents agreed that the area be used for residential purposes.

He said the truth was that people living in the area had been duped into believing they were signing apetition to approve the construction of a clinic.

Ziso said construction of the houses should stop to allow for transparency but Gandiwa said it was too late to do that.

Another resident, Takaidza Mataga, was concerned that the place had become a health hazard because it had no sewer reticulation pipes. The existing ones were overburdened.

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