SA gospel musician promotes Zim artists

South African gospel music pioneer, Derrick Ndzimande, has been popular in Zimbabwe over the last two decades – and he admires his neighbouring gospel musicians’ originality.

Derrick Ndzimande:  admires Zimbabwean artists’ originality.
Derrick Ndzimande: admires Zimbabwean artists’ originality.

“They have not lost their traditional touch, even though some are in exile, and that is something worthy of praise,” said the award-winning musician. “The rhythm of their music has always been well-accepted and the fact its gospel musicians have also stuck with it means that the traditional touch will not be lost,” he added.

The 58-year-old, who is also a senior pastor at the Church of Jesus Christ, has been instrumental in the success of some now-renowned SA-based Zimbabwean gospel musicians.

He recorded the Chosen Brothers’ first album, “Unqotshiwe” at his Belfast-based Derricks Productions studio and has been officially installed as the God-father of the fast-growing brand, The Nations. With Ndzimande’s help, The Nations have risen to become the platform, from which budding Zimbabwean artists have recorded, packaged and marketed their hits.

The Mpumalanga-born Ndzimande, with 20 Gold and 10 Platinum discs from his 26 albums, has taken a sabbatical from the recording since the 2007 release of Ubusisiwe.

“My advice to upcoming gospel musicians, including those from Zimbabwe, is that they should not run after fame, but make sure that they put everything in God’s hands because he will always show them the way,” he added.

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