There is more to life than death: Gospel singer

For Richard Nhika, a fledgling gospel singer, life was so bad at one time that he contemplated committing suicide. God, however, ordained otherwise and the young musician is now drawing hope from his promising career as a singer.

“I just wanted to die and bought a bottle of a strong remedy which I drank. All I remember is that I was unconscious for more than five hours,” a tearful Nhika told The Zimbabwean.

He grew up with a bitter feeling of betrayal. An only child, he could not forgive fate for taking his mother away when he was still very young and even though he was left with his father, life had become so empty that he felt the only way out was to kill himself. “My life was full of bitterness and pain. However, I later came to realise that I could still follow my dreams,’’ Nhika said.

Even though his focus is now firmly on his musical career, Nhika started off as a soccer player.

“I was a passionate and talented footballer but my soccer career did not last long due to an ankle injury in 2001 which took quite a long time to heal,” he said, the soccer jersey he donned betraying his lingering passion for the game.

He played for the Black Rhinos Juniors in 1997 when he was still in Form Three, but turned to gospel music in 2001, heralding a career that has seen him compose albums that have soothed the souls of the multitudes of listeners who follow him. “I never thought that I would become a gospel singer one day. I was a good composer but without a voice,” he said.

He started composing when he was still at St Anne’s High School and has released three albums since 2006. Music has become his full time job regardless of the on-going challenges in the industry.

“I have derived strength from numerous people, the likes of Misheck Mahendere, my father, Fanuel Nhika and the Mavhunda family who own His Voice International, the label we have been using to market my music,” he said.

“Nhika has a great future ahead of him and will go far if he continues with his fighting spirit,” said Justice Mavhunda of M & J Investments who has been supporting him.

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