Tsvangirai meet UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Madam Pillay

President Morgan Tsvangirai today met with the United Nations (UN) Commissioner for Human Rights, Madam Navanethem Pillay at his Charter House offices in Harare.


Although the meeting took place behind closed doors President Tsvangirai is believed to have raised issues of suppression of human rights especially political rights, the escalation of violence in some areas, public intimidation by securocrats who continue to behave as an extension of Zanu PF and the selective application of law in Zimbabwe.

Another issue is that of the 29 MDC activists of Glen View who have spent about 12 months in custody on fabricated charges of murdering a policeman while the police officers who murdered a defenceless man in cold blood over a dollar, were granted bail in a week.

President Tsvangirai is believed to have tabled the issue of elections which the MDC can only participate when there are sustanable conditions for a free and fair election.

Ms Pillay’s meeting with President Tsvangirai comes after Zanu PF hijacked the envoy’s itinerary in a bid to mislead her on the prevailing human rights situation in the country. To achieve this, Zanu PF-aligned Justice and Legal Affairs Permanent Secretary, David Mangota concealed information about Ms Pillay’s schedule from MDC Deputy Minister, Senator Obert Gutu.

Ms Pillay arrived in Zimbabwe on Sunday on a five-day official visit to assess the human rights situation and MDC is fully behind the visit.

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