Vendors brace for confrontation with councils

Vendors are bracing for confrontation with local authoritiesover what they described as day-light robbery and abuse that denies them the right to fend for their families.

The Harare-based ZICHIYA Organisation, which represents the interests of residents and vendors, recently warned: “Vendors have organised themselves to resist arrests by council for plying their business at ‘undesignated points’. We have realised that council continues to use outdated by-laws, drafted long back by our former colonial masters to unjustifiably deny us our rights to make a living.

We have said enough is enough and we will resist council police until they flee from vendors,” said a ZICHIYA representative at the Workers Day Commemorations in Harare last week. He said his organisation noted with concern that Harare City Council aimed to arrest 500 vendors per day and demand a $20 fine from each. “This would leave council $10 000 richer every day. It is time council should be warned that vendors’ patience and resilience have been stretched to the limit.”

In Marondera, vendors resolved to resist paying council $30 monthly rentals for Flea Market Stalls at the new town market. With council refusing to bow down to demands made by vendors, the two parties a showdown looms.

Town Mayor Farai Nyandoro, said he would investigate and try to create a common ground of understanding between both parties. “Vendors and council should co-exist as fair business partners,” he said.

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