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The MDC warn Chinese companies to respect workers and Zimbabwe’s labour regulations.

We can chase them out coz they have world record of abusing human rights and they are not paying tax. – Blessing Shacky Pindirire

Any good cops?

I think all the bad cops who are corrupt and useless should all be dismissed from the force. The police should be there to safeguard the country and all the citizens regardless of which political party they support.

Police officers should not align themselves with any political party. They should be prepared to serve under any government regardless of the credentials of whoever is in power.

I therefore urge Chihuri to put his house in order if he wants to keep his job under a new dispensation. Which we all know will not be under Zanu (PF) and Mugabe. – Marshall Njenge

Good cops are a rare species like the white rhino. The force is rotten eggs because of corruption. The situation is made worse by a flawed recruitment and training process. Perhaps, to document evidence of abuse is one way to let them answerable anywhere in the world, in a court of law. – Muda.

The few good cops I know are Insp Mudzamiri of Kwekwe Central Police and Asst Insp Tshuma and most of his juniors at Victoria Falls Station. If Minister Chinamasa is serious about his utterances in our press, The Zimbabwean, let him begin by dealing with the source of clutter that is Redcliff and Rutendo Police Stations. – H. Charlie

New constitution

The new constitution is actually good for Zanu (PF), accepting it as it is means they are pro people and are willing to change.- Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

But knowing them as we do,it will take a long shot. – Tinei Nozheri

Marriage laws: overhaul needed

Marriage, as an institution is prescribed by culture and religion as ‘until death us do part.’ Unfortunately it is not immune to change such as life-style, science and technology. Today marriage is a legal contract. When things no longer work, the best is to think of what is good for the goose and move on.- Muda

RT @The Zimbabwean “Orphans battle for education, who is helping?” – We can help, send us a mail:[email protected]

Khupe shocked at hospitals

Has the Minister looked at the jails? – Angela Botha

Instead of expressing shock – as if she never knew before why all Zimbabwean parliamentarians and anybody with money sends its sick family members to South Africa and beyond – she better acts to improve the she has been there for several years now in her powerful position..resulting in what tangible positive change for Zimbabweans ?” –Astrid Schipper, Netherlands


What should the constitution say?

No to abortion. No nono, especially in Africa where mortality is high, we love and need our black brothers.-Jorge_Perth Jorge Dos Santos

Mbeki go home – Do you agree with Nkiwane?

These trade unionists sometimes they are misguided. What’s wrong with Mbeki being in Zimbabwe fundraising for the University of Zimbabwe? – Takudzwa

A high-ranking UN human rights delegation have arrived in Zimbabwe. What would you tell them if you had the chance?

Positive development can be seen, towards human rights in Zim.What about the sanctions?- Rufaz Mushanga

Cosatu clashes ‘sign of growing intolerance’. What do clashes in SA mean for immigrant Zimbos and Zimbabwe?

Clashes in SA means Zimbos must go home and sort out their problems there we are morally light years ahead of SA. – Jorge Dos [email protected]_Perth

We are very small fish in a big, dark, scary pond. Not a good sign given our experience in Zim. – MDC-T South [email protected]

Should South Africa investigate Mugabe’s government for crimes against humanity?

Yes they should after all they are harbouringzimbos so y not? – [email protected]

They mustn’t coz this will jeopardise their standing relationship as neighbours. Business might be affected. – Liberty [email protected]

Everyone is picking up on the story of the Zimbabwean MP stealing a car. What are your thoughts on corruption in Zim?

Remember Chihuri awarding contract to his wife for uniforms of new ZRP school and those were still the good days! – MDC-T South Africa @MDCTSA

West Africa bloc confirms troop deployment – What are your thoughts on the warring situation in Africa?

Their hands are full Mali, Guinea Bissau, Boko Haram in Nigeria. Hot on the heels of Senegal, Ivory Coast, Gambia. – MDC-T South [email protected]

What are your views about dual citizenship in Zimbabwe?

According to wiki-PEDIA not LEAKS Robert Mugabe’s father is from Malawi. That should just about answer it! – MDC-T South Africa @MDCTSA

The South African government remains tight-lipped on what it will do after the last week’s court ruling on Zimbabwe. What do you think will happen?

I think this thing is political rather than judicious. There are issues to do with international relations or diplomacy here. The SA government is between a rock and a hard place hence it explains this non reaction.

Zanu (PF) the abusershave strong ties with ANC and there is no way ANC can let loose the government apparatus on Zanu (PF). Nothing will happen,and they will do it in the name of diplomacy or international relations,sovereignty,non interference etc. They will also remind people that the North Gauteng High Court is not the International Criminal Court.- Takudzwa Leonard Mathende

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